My Talking Angela Game Review

My Talking Angela is an iOS app, which can be downloaded from iTunes. The idea behind this app is to create an interactive environment for young people. The main character of the app is Angela, a white cat who sits near a Parisian cafe, with French accent and blue eyes. The engine behind this app is very advanced and the main character can interact with the users based on their mimics and gestures. She can even respond to some questions asked by the users, in a fast and relevant way. Tactile interactions are also possible and Angela will also react if she gets poked or petted.



My Talking Angela was launched at the end of 2012 and since then, there were many controversies regarding its security features. Once the app became popular, it attracted a lot of disputes and rumors, which meant to prove that it’s not safe. At a point, some people were saying that this app can be used as a recruiting tool by pedophiles or bad intended people. According to them, the app’s engine can be hacked, and those people could engage the children in different conversations, with the sole purpose of collecting info about them. However, this appears to be just an unfounded hypothesis and there aren’t any proofs to sustain it. My Talking Angela seems like a perfectly harmless app, and the personal information of the users, are not being leaked.

Child mode

Even if this app is not vulgar in any way, it does come with a “Child mode” option. This option will disable the live text feature, but the users could still interact with Angela, pet her, or make her repeat their words. A camera feature is also available, in which the user will be encouraged to look at its camera and make different gestures (smiling, yawning, shaking head) so that Angela could copy them. However, the child mode can be disabled very easy, just by pressing a button. By doing this, the user will have access to the text feature of the app. There is nothing sexual in the text conversation, but the user has to answer to some pretty personal questions like age, name, location, best friend’s name, etc. But this app didn’t have any leaking information issues so far, so we must assume that it’s safe.

In game purchases

Even if “My Talking Angela” is free to download and use, it does have some premium features, which can be purchased with virtual coins. The virtual coins however, can be obtained by watching some videos, clicking certain ads or buying them with real money. Another method is using online hack tools, such asĀ my talking angela hack. You can use the virtual coins to purchase different accessories for your main character: shoes, makeup, glasses, hats etc. It’s very simple to buy coins with the credit card and that’s a big problem for most of the parents. The premium items are very tempting for children and they might “borrow” their parents card, in order to buy some coins. If you’re a parent and your child uses this app (and not only) make sure to put a password for the online payments and to disconnect your credit card after you make a purchase from iTunes or Apple Store.

Similar apps

My Talking Angela is part of a wider franchise, called “Talking Tom and friends”. The other apps are related to this one, and the only significant difference consists in the main character, which is different every time. However, “My Talking Angela” seems like an improved version, with many in-game features and a more accurate face recognition. Since 2010 when they were launched, these apps gathered more than 1.5 billion downloads and are being used monthly by around 230 million people. The whole idea of these apps started with “My Talking Tom” and after that, it became viral.



Despite the negative rumors, the “My Talking Angela” app proves to be entirely safe. There are are no complaints regarding leaking information from both the texts or the camera. The whole app’s environment is very decent, without a vulgar or obscene language. The app can become addictive and you can use it for hours, without even noticing. The only problem with this app, is the premium feature, in which a child could purchase the coins very simple, without your knowledge. However, if you properly secure your credit card, it won’t be the case and nothing will go wrong.

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