Which Linux Version Is the Best for Beginners?

Newcomers who’re thinking about Linux frequently get caught at selecting which edition of Linux whenever they deploy. You will find a wide variety of flavors of the program that it may occasionally be frustrating to new customers.

This manual requires examine a few of the Linux programs that are common to utilize. Usually, these variations of Linux can be found for installment for example Digital Ocean from VPS, letting you deploy them newly and from the container. It may be advisable to setup a merchant account and produce your personal VPS with Linux mounted therefore you may undertake the instructions if you should be simply think about experimenting with Linux.

You could also be thinking about adding Linux on the partition of one’s hard disk and dual boot. You could find it helpful to seek on the best way to do that because it’ll permit you to truly obtain a sense for every distinct edition of Linux although achieving this is beyond this manual.


Ubuntu is just a debian-centered Linux OS. It is presently one of Linux being the standard setup for many Linux setups’ most often mounted types. It is also not vastly unpopular with VPS because of its easy entry.

Since you will find a large number of assets for researching it, Ubuntu is very good for novices. A passionate forum, the Ubuntu group, enables customers of the machine to publish complicated types in addition to their novice issues for all those using the specialized know how.

Setup and Ubuntu can also be super easy to set up; by publishing this short article the most recent edition certainly will be download free of charge from their site / download/pc and is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Ubuntu that will be centered off Debian Linux OS was described by us. This really is my own favorite; however the distinction between Ubuntu and Debian is very small. They make use of the comparable likely- equally have excellent vibrant areas and get instructions for managing and adding deals.

If you should be establishing a VPS, Digital Ocean provide the newest Debian edition (Brian) to set up out the container. You may also obtain Debian from their site: debian.org

The Debian group also offers plenty of guidelines and lessons that you will find on the site.


Another edition of Linux I love is Fedora. It’s centered on innovating and maintaining the listing of deals up to-day (unlike other variations where you usually have weeks out-of-day application shown). Fedora types have quick- assistance for older versions stopped and life-spans, with variations usually being included.

Something which makes Fedora excellent is its method of Protection: it employs anything named security-improved-linux (also called Sellinux) which seeks to maintain the machine as safe as you can.

Take a look at their Wikipedia site if you like to understand more about Fedora.


Fundamentally, what edition of Linux you choose is your decision; each edition has its advantages and so I recommend viewing which you like and testing out several. If you are simply understanding how to utilize Linux via the order final or SSH, understanding the various instructions for every program can often be frustrating, but when you obtain an understanding about the fundamentals like (ls, cd, mkdir etc) you’ll think it is easier.

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